Our Mission


Pumpkin Patch Daycare offers peace of mind to each parent by providing the highest standards of child care and education. Research has shown that in the early years, learning plays a crucial role in the development of the intellect, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive child care learning environment to meet the needs of your child and family.



Goals and Philosophy


The main goal and philosophy of our daycare is to guide children toward developing positive social values. As one of their role models, we communicate the concepts of values through all our daily interactions. By creating an arena of love, comfort, and understanding, we provide a clean, secure, and fertile environment for learning in your child's early years. Through our daily activities, we are constantly discussing most of the following:

  • Acknowledging co-operative and positive behaviors
  • Talking about feelings and respect for others and their possessions
  • Offering alternative ways to settle conflicts
  • Encouraging problem solving
  • Offering opportunities for co-operation rather than discord
  • Encouraging co-operation rather than competition
  • Developing generous behavior
  • Building self-esteem through positive reinforcement and the use of constant praise for their general behavior
  • Constantly upgrading and surveying each child's developmental levels
  • Nurturing and developing trust, honesty, and fairness
  • Use of their imagination and dramatic play as a format to learn the information to ready each child for their school days


But the ultimate goal.... TO HAVE FUN EACH DAY, IN THE EYES OF A CHILD!





...your child's home away from home!

We believe that Pumpkin Patch is a vital extension of your family, sharing love and concern for your child as we work together to build a foundation for happiness and success.


The most important aspect of a daycare is communication. Both parents and staff feel that their opinions, comments, and suggestions count. Parents tell us about the child's life at home and special conditions pertaining to the child's well-being. In turn, staff members tell parents about the child's activities and life at Pumpkin Patch.